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APA 7 Frequently Asked Questions



How do I write a book reference in APA 7?

The template below illustrates how to cite a book reference in APA 7:

Surname, First Name Initial. Middle Name Initial., & Surname, First Name Initial. Middle Name Initial. (Year of Publication). Italicized book title. Publisher.

How do I cite a chapter in an edited book?

A chapter in an edited book takes the format below.

Author, F. M., & Author, F. M. (Year of Publication). Title of chapter: Should not be italicized. In First Name Initial. Middle Name Initial. Editor & First Name Initial. Middle Name Initial. Editor (Eds.), Italicized book title (5th ed., pp. 34-36). Publisher.

How do I write a YouTube video reference in APA 7?

Please use this YouTube video reference template:

Name. (Year, Month Date). Video title [Video]. YouTube. URL

How do I write a whole website reference in APA 7?

To cite a whole website, please write the its name followed by its URL in brackets.

How do I cite work that has no named author?

To cite sources authored by unnamed authors, please use the source’s title in place of the author’s name. In case the author is listed as anonymous, use ‘Anonymous’ in the author name position.

Is Wikipedia a reliable source in academic research?

Most professors prohibit students from using Wikipedia as a source in their research papers. Wikipedia permits users to edit information anytime, which may lead to untrue information being published. Luckily, Wikipedia often has reference lists whose links can lead you to authoritative sources.

How do I know that a source is credible?

Credible sources contain up-to-date information. For example, sources older than 10 years might contain outdated information. You should avoid .com and .net websites. You should also avoid research articles that do not contain citations. Reliable sources include academic databases such as JSTOR, websites affiliated with governments or academic institutions, and Google Scholar.

Additionally, as much as possible, use primary sources. Only use secondary and tertiary sources when you cannot find a primary source.

When citing my sources, should I use the date a webpage article was last updated or the date that the article was reviewed?

You should use the date an article was last updated and NOT when it was reviewed.

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