About us

BibliographyMakers.com is a website that helps writers to create and manage references cited in their papers free of charge. There are several citation styles including, but not limited to APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. Each of these referencing styles has hundreds of strict rules that should be adhered to when making a bibliography. Writers usually have a hard time recalling such rules. Thus, they are forced to keep checking citation style manuals. BibliographyMakers.com was made with the sole aim of simplifying the bibliography making process.

On our website, you can generate a reference to a source through a few easy steps. Once you search for the source, our system will present you with a list of possible sources. Select the appropriate one or choose to enter the source's details manually. If you select a source, we will automatically fill its details, and all you have to do is confirm the presented information because the details may be inadequate and/or inaccurate. After confirmation, we will create your reference and add it to a bibliography page.

Though we are currently offering limited functionality for APA citation generation, we are working hard to extend this functionality and include other referencing styles, as well.