APA 7 Reference Types

APA 7 Reference Examples APA 7 reference types include texts, video and audio references, online media, and personal communications. All these are APA 7 reference types, which have various subtypes. These are: Texts Texts include books, journal articles, webpage articles, issue briefs, reports, magazine articles, newspaper articles, conference presentations and proceedings, dissertation and thesis references, […]

Formatting the References Page

References Page Formatting The references page comes on the page after the paper’s text. References are materials and resources that contain information cited in an essay. The reference list is presented immediately after the last page of the paper’s body (Purdue Writing Lab, n.d.). It should be easy for a reader to locate all sources […]

In-Text Citations Formatting


In-Text Citations: Narrative and Parenthetical In-text citations can be written in two ways: Narrative (signal phrase) in-text citation For example: According to Borland and Forrester (2004), white Gaussian noise in optical fibers can cause signal distortion. Parenthetical in-text citation For example: White Gaussian noise in optical fibers can cause signal distortion (Borland & Forrester, 2004). […]

APA 7th Edition General Formatting Rules

Centering Text of an APA 7th Edition Paper When centering the text of an APA 7th edition paper, do not use tabs or spaces to center text. Instead: Select the content to be centered between the left and right margins. Click ‘Home,’ go to ‘Paragraph,’ and select ‘Center.’ Page Margins The text should not be […]